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How BasketsGalore Decide On Products To Stock - Steps Taken

You may wonder how we go about deciding on the products to include in our gift baskets & hampers here at BasketsGalore.

I think when people think of putting products into a basket they think this is a fairly straightforward procedure. We just go to a supermarket, see something we like and buy it. But at BasketsGalore it is anything but this easy if I am honest.

When you are as passionate about your company as our team are then you would be surprised how much time is put into sourcing products for the baskets. We have become one of the leading gift basket companies in the UK and this is why - hard work pays off. We spend hours looking for manufacturers/suppliers that fit what we expect and need from a product and also spend time going through the many requests we receive from suppliers contacting us. We look for companies that produce high-end, quality goods as we know how important it is for the recipient to receive top quality items.

People maybe think that we just contact companies that are well known such as Lindt Chocolate, but this is not always the case. Yes we do work with companies that have well known brands, but on the food side of the company we predominantly work with smaller, artisan producers who hand make specialist goods. The bigger brand names are then mixed in with these artisan goods & bigger brands also feature in our baby and pamper gift baskets.

At Baskets Galore we feel it’s important to guarantee the quality of products both packaging and the items within. As the company has grown we can now benefit from economies of scale by bringing in larger stock quantities at lower prices and so keep our prices competitive in this market.

As mentioned we sometimes contact companies ourselves if we have spotted their product at a fine food fair for example, or noticed a gap in our product offering and therefore gone in search of a certain type of product. Otherwise suppliers seek us out & send us samples. If I am honest when it’s food products we love to receive samples as we get to taste test them, yum! For the likes of the baby or pamper items we would receive the samples and then have a meeting getting everyone’s thoughts and opinions on them. Sometimes we get to try the pamper items out at work, or take the baby items home to see what our own children think!

Lynne Testing Pamper Products                                         lamaze rowan

If the majority of the team like/rate the product then we would bring the items in & trial them on our Create Your Own site. If they sell well on it, the product will then feature in a pre-designed gift basket when the next round of photography is scheduled. It is a long process from the researching to the final step of including the products into our baskets.

If you have a product you think suits BasketsGalore then please contact - thank you.

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