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Birthday Ideas For Mum’s -What Gift Would You Buy?

What To Buy Your Mother For Her Birthday?

We were having a discussion about our mums in the BG office & buying presents for them, when it transpired that a couple of our mums are particularly fussy customers! This lead to me asking everyone what they would buy their mum as a birthday gift and I got so pretty unusual answers if I am honest. I was thinking most of my colleagues would think along the same lines as me - chocolates, flowers, treats etc but I'll share the answers I was given & maybe they'll make you chuckle!

Kate – Said that she would buy her mother a pamper day. When I asked the reason why she had picked this, she told me that her mum hates everything she & her siblings buy her. If it's a gift card she just returns it and buy’s food or products for the whole family. This nice lady just likes sharing with her family so Kate came up with the pamper idea as she knows her mum will definitely enjoy this and it's something she can't make an excuse to get out of!

Roma- I actually thought Roma’s was the most interesting idea. She said that she would buy her mum a pair of Clarke’s shoes. She explained that as her mother lives in Lithuania and likes the Clarke brand it's practical to buy her these shoes & post them over.

Andrea-  Told me that she would buy her mum a gadget like a new mobile phone, a kindle or some sort of technology so as her mum keeps up-to-date. She says she wouldn't go and buy it herself, but would use it if one of her children bought it as a gift. The technology lets her keep in touch with her other son who lives in Australia too.

Lynne – Her mother minds her two little girls & enjoys taking the children out to the garden in the spring/summer seasons so Lynne say’s she is going to buy her mum garden products, flowers or plants for her birthday this summer.

Neil- He told me that he would send his mother away on a hotel break for the weekend. His mum enjoys getting time away but never gets round to booking something so he takes care of it for her. I think this is very thoughtful.

Simon- He said that his mother is celebrating a big birthday this year as she is turning 50. He told me that he is going to pay for flights for his mum to go to Spain as this is a place she loves to visit.

What would you buy your mother for her birthday? Why not check out our range of birthday gift baskets?

Age Matters Birthday Basket

It’s interesting that no-one in our office said a gift basket this year. This is only because at one stage or another of working for the company we have all purchased them for our mums or for other occasions. We can't get our mums a similar present for every birthday though, so try to mix things up. Maybe every other year!

I remember one of the IT boy’s saying at Christmas time that he wouldn't be buying his mother a basket this year because she had already warned him she thought he would be getting it for free!  Although we may not get them for free, we certainly get a great upgrade when we do order one - another perk of the job!

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