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BasketsGalore's Admin Team - Christmas: Love it or Loathe it?

Winter has almost officially left us and Spring arrives (tomorrow officially!) I cannot express how good it feels to be driving home from work and it’s still daylight.

The Winter months seem to be so long and gloomy, but now Spring is just around the corner everyone seems to be in great form. Whether it’s their summer holidays they are looking forward to or just because the sun is finally making an appearance.

I can't decide whether Christmas feels like a distant memory or like it only just happened! Christmas is our busiest time of year, and we spend a lot of the year planning for it. Our next busiest time of year is nearly upon us - Mother's Day - so I decided to find out how our Admin Team felt about the Christmas period by asking one member from each department to help me write this blog.

Roma works in the Online Sales Admin Department dealing with all our website based customers & printing and processing orders. She said that Christmas is her favourite time of year because she loves the atmosphere in work. Although she is working around 12 hours per day, she explained that the day flies by so quickly that you don’t even realize the time. Roma's job involves taking & assisting with sales orders, printing thousands upon thousands of orders placed on the website and sorting them into dispatch days & by courier company based on the delivery address. Roma also has the job of re-directing any phone calls coming through to her sales line to the relevant department. For example, anyone wishing to track a delivery needs to be put through to the Customer Service Team. We stop taking marketing calls at Christmas time as we are just too busy at that time of year & it's all hands on deck processing orders.

Conclusion on Christmas at BG: Love it or Loathe it? - LOVE IT! Although Roma works long hours and weekends in December and although it can be stressful keeping on top of the work load,  she loves to be busy and loves the team atmosphere. Also working so hard at Christmas entitles you to perks throughout the rest of the year like more summer holidays.

I then went to the Corporate Admin Team and asked Kate how she felt when working at Christmas to see if her view on working during the holiday season would be similar to Roma’s. Kate said that she dealt with all the corporate/bulk orders (these are companies or individuals who order a higher volume of baskets). This may range from just several baskets to over 1000 baskets. Kate said it’s important for her to build a relationship with the companies as she has to liaise with these clients throughout the process of the order. Firstly she has to get the quantity & choice of basket/hamper, then provide them with a quote & check if they qualify for any delivery discounts. Initia enquiries are normally over the phone & via email. Once the order has been finalised & confirmed in writing it is added onto the Accounts System and an invoice is generated & emailed to the customer. There is also the task of keeping the client up to date on the status of their order and tracking all the deliveries for them.

Conclusion on Christmas at BG: Love it or Loathe it? - LOVE IT! Kate described it as a LOVE/ HATE relationship so perhaps LIKE it is more suitable!  She loves her job and loves to be busy, but with the volume of work coming through it is a stressful time & she is thankful she has a team to help her. Overall it is worth it for the sense of accomplishment you feel on 24th December.

I think it is interesting to hear that these 2 important team leaders enjoyed working in such a busy team at Christmas time. I hear friends and family saying they hate working in the lead up to Christmas, but here in BasketsGalore the Admin Team seem to enjoy the festive experience as we are so closely tied to the Christmas experience and love uniting families & friends by connecting them with gifts.

girlies Victoria, Kate & Roma

If you'd like to find out more about BasketsGalore Christmas Hampers please just click here.

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