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BasketsGalore Get Well Gift Baskets - Made By You!

A get well gift basket is such a great idea to pass on well wishes to someone, as you can fill it with lovely things to help cheer the recipient up. You can keep them fed & watered, pampered, entertained or all of the above!

A main component of get well gift baskets tends to be fresh fruit. Juicy apples, oranges, grapes, pineapple and melon etc are easy to eat & munch on when feeling unwell. However, fruit doesn't have to be the only component as you can add other healthy snacks or mix in something to help take their mind off things such as books, magazines or puzzles. We have a wide range of get well baskets to choose from, but as always you can also create one of your own.

I noticed a really lovely get well gift basket had been created by a customer named Karen this week. Karen created the gift on behalf of her workmates for their colleague, and I thought I would share it with you for gift inspiration!

801956-1                    801956-2

Karen include some fresh fruit (oranges & grapes), 4 x cupcakes, shortbread, marshmallows, milk chocolate buttons & a chocolate selection box to help keep those blood sugars levels up I imagine!

She then added some pamper items in the form of bubble bath & body cream, a scented candle and a cute cozy hottie bunny. You pop his removable, scented pack into the microwave to heat up, pop it back into bunny & then cuddle him!

She also decided that her friend needed some entertaining and so added a magazine, puzzle book & jigsaw puzzle.

To theme the gift basket she also added a "Get Well Soon" balloon and a bookmark with the slogan "Seasons Come And Go, But Friends Last Forever".

She selected an open, linen lined gift basket to house all the items which we upgraded to a larger, longer basket to really help showcase all the items within.

We think you'll agree this was a really lovely creation, which included a little bit of everything to help a girl to feel good! I've included some pictures of the gift being assembled and then one just before it was gift wrapped. All get well gifts come with a themed gift card for your personal message.

What would you include in your perfect pick-me-up gift basket?

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