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BasketsGalore - Create Your Own Gift Basket Of The Week

At BasketsGalore we have hundreds of pre-designed gift baskets for you to choose from. We carefully select a range of products to complement each other, not only in taste but also the overall look and fit in the hamper or basket.

We quickly realised that some customers were also asking for slight changes or to create a basket of their own. In the past we used to arrange this for them via email. They could send us a list of items they would like to include & we would then get back with a price and photograph. This process took a bit of time however, especially due to time differences, so we wanted to offer the ability for customers to create their own hamper or gift basket immediately online.

This is when "Create Your Own Gift Basket" was born. We launched a bolt on website with all our individual products listed & the various containers  to place your items into. Since then the website has gone from strength to strength and we see some really amazing creations by our customers. We have also recently reintroduced the photography service & email this to our customers along with their tracking code as they love to see their creations! The 'Create Your Own' site isn't just about food items either; you can choose from magazines, books, puzzles, toys, pamper items etc

As these personalised baskets are now being photographed for the purchaser again, we thought it would also be interesting to share some of the fun and unusual designs with you guys through our blog for gift inspiration.

This week we had a lovely email from Chey in San Diego explaining how excited she was to have just created her own gift basket for her mums birthday. Chey wrote:

"I chose your website because it was noted by several major newspapers as one of the best in the UK. I was particularly happy to see that I was able to create a customized basket with just the items I wanted to have. Your selections are fabulous, but not seeing exactly what I wanted, I was over the moon to see that I could create my own. The gift is for my Mum’s birthday. Since I am thousands of miles away, it’s comforting to know that your company can help to make her happy on her special day."
 801943 p1 (1)                         801943 p1 (2)

Chey went for a combination of fresh citrus fruit, cheese, biscuits, fruity teabags, some chocolates and honey. She also added the microwavable body wrap, a pamper drum (made up of hand and nail cream, body wash, body butter & soap) and a lovely "mum" themed mug to theme it. She selected the open wicker, linen lined gift basket to hold her items which we then wrap & decorate.

Our packaging team will let us know if they think the items look better in a different container to the one that has been chosen so we can advise our customer. We've also been known to add a complimentary item or two if the gift basket has a little gap in it, due to the shapes of the items included etc.

We hope you've enjoyed seeing this lovely creation & we'll share more again soon!

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