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Bandon Vale Cheese - Taste Testing For Our Hampers

At BasketsGalore we aim to include the best, hamper friendly products around, so we have a rule to only stock items we would love to receive ourselves!

Because of this it is vital to taste test any potential new food items. We also feel it's extremely important to be able to advise our customers on the tastes and flavours of the products we stock, to ensure they are selecting the most suitable products for themselves or the recipient.


Today in the office we decided to taste teste Bandon Vale's cheese & here is some information about the company that produces these delicious cheeses.

Bandon Vale are based in Co Cork, Ireland. The company was set up in 1994 by Andy and Margaret Mahon to "revive the art of cheese making in the traditional style with the manufacture, sale and establishment of a brand of territorial hard cheeses".

Over the past 2 decades they have grown to incorporate a high-tech production line followed by a purpose built production facility. They say what sets them apart is their "responsiveness to the needs of the customers, product performance, functionality and the highest quality goods."

We have been including Bandon Vale Cheese in our gift baskets for a number of years now & stock 3 varieties of their branded, wax-wrapped speciality hard cheese. Vintage: a mature cheddar cheese with a rich nutty flavour, Murragh: a full flavoured Irish Gloucester and Glandór: a mellow flavoured Red Leicester.

As we have stocked this cheese for a long time now, many of our newer staff members have not tasted it before. We asked each person to try a piece of the different flavours of cheese and rank them in order of preference. Here is the outcome:


Kate – Glandor, Vintage, Murragh

Victoria- Vintage, Murragh, Glandor

Roma- Vintage, Murragh, Glandor

Jade- Vinatge, Glandor, Murragh

Lynne- Vinatge, Glandor, Murragh

Jonny- Vinatge, Glandor, Murragh

Kasia- Vinatge, Glandor, Murragh

Sylwia- Glandor, Vintage, Murragh

Jonny (warehouse)- Vintage, Glandor, Murragh

Neil-Glandor, Murragh, Vintage

Andrea- Murragh, Glandor, Vintage


Overall everyone said that this was a hard taste testing session as all the cheese was delicious, but you can see from the results that the Vintage variety was voted as the favourite overall. I personally think it might be because the Vintage type  is a Cheddar cheese which is the most well known variety.

Have you received Bandon Vale cheese from us in a hamper before, or from somewhere else perhaps? If so which variety was your favourite?

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