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BasketsGalore's New Video Campaign To Help Showcase End Product

The Reasoning Behind Our Videos

Recently I have taken on the challenge of writing blogs, keeping our website design looking current (with help from my fellow designer Laura) AND now a new task of creating short videos for our customers to see a bit more from behind the scenes at BasketsGalore.

I know from personal experience that when buying products online there can be an element of uncertainty, as you are relying on the picture and description on the website rather than being able to physically see that the product is what you need or expect. For me it is when buying new clothes. I think - "well she’s a model with a beautiful figure so it looks amazing on her, but what does it actually look in real life." You don't want the hassle of having to purchase it and then waste time returning it.

Andrea explains, "At Baskets Galore we understand that you are purchasing our gifts based on the picture and description, and many of our customers don't even see the end product themselves, as we deliver it directly to the recipient for them. This is why we strive to send exactly what you see online, or even better! We pack all the hampers ourselves and if a change has to be made due to a certain flavour being out of stock etc, then we endeavour to let our customers know or upgrade the item to make up for it. Quite simply, we aim to exceed your expectations! We think this strategy must be working as we get lots of repeat custom and the recipients themselves often become customers too. "

Andrea went on to explain that we want our customers to feel confident purchasing from BasketsGalore & so it was decided that videos would help to showcase our products & gift baskets and also provide a bit of information about the assembly, dispatch and delivery stages your order goes through.

A Starting Point - Valentine's Day Video

The first video we created was for the 'Occasions' page of our website. Valentine's Day was approaching so we thought this would be a good place to start. Throughout the year we find that more woman tend to buy from us than men. However, the tables turn when it comes to Valentine's Day as we got lots of loved up ladies purchasing from us. Maybe this is because Valentine's is a very competitive market and women tend to be given the standard flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear sourced locally by their partners. Our Valentine's Day Baskets also have teddies and chocolates, but only single roses at the moment as we found flowers tended to spoil in the delivery network. The men's baskets can have a selection of cheese, crackers, nuts, chocolates as well as a cute teddy or themed mug and prove popular as it can be difficult to think of what to buy a man on Valentine's Day!

This was the first video I had been in & so I was extremely nervous. As well as the finished video turned out, you definitely didn't see the fifteen filming takes it took before the final masterpiece! First of all we had to set the scene in the Baskets Galore studio & decide on the points we would like to get across during it - focusing on certain products for example and showing how the gift basket is wrapped. Andrea was the one filming the video and directing me so I knew what movements and elements worked well. The content was then improved upon as we got better & there wasn't much editing needed at all by the end as I knew exactly what I needed to say. The day flew in and we finally got a video that worked. We didn't want to make our video too long  & boring, just long enough to show a few of our baskets in the assembly and packing stages, and to explain that you can also create your own gift if you wish.


Our second video was for our 'Get Well' section & I had my colleague Laura in this one with me. Our work friends laughed as we came into work dressed in virtually the same outfit (this was so not planned). Laura was great, she found it difficult at the start but once she had a few practice runs there was no stopping her and did an amazing job.


The last video we did was for the 'Birthday' section and was a little different to the first 2 videos. This time we wanted to show how our baskets are wrapped, decorated and delivered as well as our birthday themed items. We filmed Selina receiving a package from BasketsGalore so customers can see exactly how they look upon arrival with the recipient.


This is not the end of the videos, it is just the beginning! Don’t worry though we won't bore you with too many. We are trying to keep them funny and interesting as well as informative so if you have any spare time why not check them out? Watch out for more to come over the next few weeks.

Hope you have enjoyed them and wish me luck with my busy weeks ahead !

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