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Our New Branded BasketsGalore Gift Card Range

Our New Branded BasketsGalore Gift Card Range

We aim to create the 'greatest gift baskets in the UK'. And how do we go about achieving this you may ask?

Well we try to be unique by doing things a little differently compared to other Gift Basket companies. We have been creating and producing baskets and hampers for over 10 years now and like to add a element of personalisation to our baskets where possible. This gives our customers, and the recipients, something with more meaning and shows that some thought has gone into the gift.

As you know, all our gift baskets are dispatched along with a gift card which includes the purchasers personal message to the recipient. We have been buying in cards of various designs and sizes since we started back in 2002/03 but with the team of designers that we now have in house, we thought it would be a good idea  to create our own range of cards.

This adds to our personal approach and means we always have a ready supply of gift cards available. Over the years, we have also found it difficult on occasions  to source cards that represented certain occasions. Finding a general, non-occasion led card can also prove tricky and ones for men in particular. Many cards out there are themed, which is fine when you are picked a card for an individual yourself. However we need cards that can suit people of all ages and tastes, and that won't be too rude and offend someone!

I think that buying a card for a man has to be one of the hardest tasks. Nothing ever seems to effectively represent my other half and now that he lives in London he moans that when he receives cards they always have something to do with London. I think he’s getting fed up with the same images, so this year I am going to give him the card that I designed myself for men and that way he can’t moan!(well not too much I hope!)

I began by looking at the cards that we had already to get inspiration and then drawing sketches on scrap pieces of paper of what I wanted them to represent. These sketches then went onto my favourite piece of software “Photoshop”. Seriously this program is a life saver, I honestly don’t know how designers coped before this software was invented!

When I had the design mock-ups complete they were passed to one of the Director's, Lynne. Lynne has a good eye for design and knows what our customers want and appreciate with her years of experience within the field. Lynne finalized the ideas, but by that time Christmas was just around the corner and so it was all hands on deck to process and dispatch orders. The card designs were put on hold until the new year.

When January came around I was able to implement the software PagePlus. Unfortunately it didn't work on Macs, which meant I had to transfer my designs to a windows computer before completing the cards.

Once the designs were complete and in the correct format, there was the small matter of getting the cards printed! Stewart Digital were the company we selected to print them for us. Their service was amazing every step of the way. They were able to advise us on the thickness of card to use so that the card wasn't too flimsy. We selected 320 GSM & transferred the files in PDF format  to Stewart Digital to get mock-ups printed.

I was like a child on Christmas morning when we received the mock-ups back, it was just so exciting to see my creations in print!

Here is a picture below of me with one of each of the 18 new designs!  Some of these designs included new baby gift cards, birthday cards, get well soon cards, sympathy cards, thank you cards and congratulations cards.

Jade with cards

On discussing it with Lynne we agreed that a middle size of A5 would best suit the cards, to make sure they will fit into the baskets themselves but without compromising the look and style.

A few days later the boxes arrived and inside were the hundreds of card designs! They looked amazing and I was so happy to have designed something that was personal to our company.

20140121_134425 20140121_134430

Designing is something that I enjoy doing, so it doesn't feel like a job - more like a hobb! Out of all the cards I designed my favourite would be the “Love” card, which we can use to accompany anniversary, engagement, wedding and Valentine's gift baskets.

Which is your favourite ?

New card designs

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