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Design Packaging

Since it is 2014 we are looking to be more creative and have a new special packaging for our fruit and flowering plant.


As these baskets are so popular we want to fill the need of our customers.

(How nice are we?) improve the presentation and visual effect.


All of our baskets with plants well gift wrapped at present but we now aim to create a permanent box for the plants in which we will use be able to transport the products in a safe manner and also to better represent our company for as every year we try to improve on the one before. This is still the planning stage but we have lots of great design ideas to put forward for approval by the managers.

We have already created our packaging for our freezer packets, these packs are to transport the products such as salmon and cheese as it is important to keep these items cold, We found that using these packs and placing labels on them wasn’t just effective as they were either getting lost in transport or some customers were finding them hard to locate. Our design team came up with the idea of getting the information printed on the packaging so that the information is clear and easy to read.


Laura was in charge of this project and this allowed her to work with Paul the man in charge of the hydro packs which we would be purchasing,  Paul was able to get the measurements for the packaging so that our design team could design to the correct space.


Using the software Adobe Illustrator this allowed Laura to design a postal pocket that stood out and would be recognizable to the customer, her design included items which may be found in the pocket such as Cheese, Ham and Salmon. Laura included the Logos of Baskets Galore and our sister company Irish Gourmet with our contact information. This was to give the reassurance customers that if they have any questions regarding any of the products that they receive they can contact us for further information.

Laura took a week to create this design which was very fast and then a day for it to be approved by the manager before the designs were sent to Paul in order to be printed, So the good news is we should have lots of lovely new packaging arriving into our warehouse soon!


A popular reason for sending a gift with flowers is to say thank you to someone. We all have various reasons to be thankful to someone throughout the year.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.51.35

Depending on the recipient that will be receiving the thank you gift, you may wish to send a luxury food hamper for them to share and when they see our new product packaging I think this is something that will enhance the basket and delight the receiver.

Also the design team created our box lids we like to invest in our business and show our customers how professional we are and keeping aiming to improve our company.


I would like to hear your ideas about what we could design for the packaging?

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