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BasketsGalore In-House Design Studio In Action

Every January, our photographer Sylwia gets to work on producing some amazing new product images in the Baskets Galore In-House Design Studio.

We always like to create new gift baskets, especially in January time, as it’s a New Year and a fresh start. We feel that it’s important to offer our customers  an up-to-date range of gifts to choose from. We get a large amount of repeat custom and so like to keep things new and interesting for them. This also means incorporating new products into our new designs, so we blend old favourites with exciting news varieties. The taste testing of various chocolates, cheese and snacks is another perk of working at BasketsGalore!

This year we are beginning by updating the baby baskets on our Organic Baby page. We only use high-end, quality products as with a few of us being mothers ourselves we know how important it is that your baby is surrounded by brand-leading or natural products.

We have relationships with many well known UK baby brands such as:

  • Natures Purest - Organic Clothing
  • Earth Friendly Baby - Organic Skincare Products for Children, such as shampoo and body wash.
  • Vital Touch Natalia Range- This is also an Organic Skincare range for both new mums and babies.

These luxurious products are unadulterated and have been tested for purity. They are also all environmentally friendly and even the packaging is environmentally friendly as they have been made of recycled material.

Earth Friendly Baby Chamomile Shampoo Earth Friendly Baby Chamomile Shampoo
Natalia New Parent Survival Box Natalia New Parent Survival Box
Nature's Purest Body Suits Nature's Purest Body Suits


I was able to get a quick word with Sylvia, as she is generally very busy snapping away. Sylvia explained that a huge part of her day is taken up by setting up the photo-shoot. We have an in-house studio with dedicated studio space & extra room to allow her to zoom into the products in detail. We have both space for natural light and professional lighting, such as speed lights and studio strobe and light modifiers for when the natural sunlight is not giving the full affect of the product image.

Sylvia explained she finds a better image is formed when she moves the products in the shape of a triangle. She then works on what colours match and work well with each other to create the best overall look.

Once time has been spent placing the products and the photographs have been taken, the proofs are sent into the office. Here the design team choose the best images and get to work on making them that tiny bit sharper. Talking to Laura in our Design Department, she kindly explained that they use software such as Adobe to edit the images if required & what needs to be changed within the image determines exactly which software they use to achieve this. She goes on to say that Photoshop would be the program predominately used as this allows her to add shading, crop, whiten & a whole range of techniques to make the image show the highest quality of our products. The products themselves are never altered, as we like our Customers to see exactly what they will receive. However sometimes light may be shining on a label etc so the Design team can correct this.

Once the image has been edited and approved it is then passed to the Purchasing Team to add the list of contents, as they know the products in details including ingredients and weights etc. The IT Department then have the job of adding the new products (picture and description) to our websites.

In the early years of BasketsGalore this whole process would have been carried out by 1 or 2 people in 1 room, whereas now we have a whole team & design studio to achieve this. It means we can add new products on a much more regular basis, therefore keeping our content current and customers happy!

We have been growing for over 10 years now with the aim of supplying high end gifts by offering award winning products in beautiful wicker baskets. We aim to give our customers the satisfaction that they are getting top products at an affordable price level, tied in with a high level of customer service. We are always trying to raise our service levels by listening to our customer’s thoughts and opinions so please do get in touch with your valuable feedback.

Thank You

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