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New Year Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year Folks

This is the best time of the year in which we all make New Years resolutions, although most people fail their resolutions because as a human we think of the outcomes first wanting to see the changes in place before we have actually done anything in order for the change to happen.

Well my New Year Resolution is to “be a better writer” and I know thinking know I am going to write 10hours a day but realistically I would get bored and it wouldn’t really help anything so I am making a promise to myself that I am going to write a blog every day that I am in the work place and when I am not here I am going to write about how my day was since I was not in work.

My plan is for to make sure I have no distractions, no son calling myself and no mobile phone vibrating in the background to distract me from writing.

I think I could achieve this with no problem. Do you?


My fellow workers resolutions,

I have asked my fellow members in the office what their resolutions would be and this is their response was,

  •  Lynne would like to take up a hobby such as yoga, she explains this is because she has two young girls and feels that for one night per week she would like a bit of “me time”.
  • Selena would like to take up the hobby swimming, as she want’s to get fitter.
  • Victoria said that she would like to join the gym not because she want to lose weight but she wants to become fitter and she also feels excluded as the rest of her family members are gym members.
  • Jonny want’s to be able to save some money this year as he explains every penny he gets he seems to spend but he has set himself a target to save for his holiday.
  • Simon his is to buy a new car as he is being very generous and giving his current car to his brother.

I think all these are good resolutions and I look forward in finding out at the end of the month how many of my fellow workers have stuck to their resolutions.


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