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Lunar New Year 2014

Its that time of year again…Chinese New Year

Friday 31st January 2014

I wouldn’t of had a clue about this celebration if it wasn’t for my work colleague Kate.

Each year Kate celebrates the New Year with her family she explained to me that everyone in her household has to bath the night before in Pomelo leaves as it is said that these leave help cleanse the skin and make the family members “squeaky” clean.

When I researched Chinese New Year on the internet I found that they say in China the traffic is chaos, I mean everyone leave the house to go and visit their family members so I would imagine leaving bright and early would be essential.

It seems to be in the different regions they carry out different traditions as Kate explained to me that on Lunar New Years day that some people do not wash, do their laundry or clean but Kate says this is not the case in her family she sticks to the tradition of not eating meat.

Red underwear is essential… yes red you heard me and at this time of the year you are able to “rent a boyfriend” Personally I think this would be interesting although knowing my luck probably costly.

Now you’re probably wondering, what do people send for Chinese New Year?

Fruit Oasis Gift Basket

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 16.50.09

But what if the recipient of the gift basket doesn’t like fruits? Then fish is another choice and we do have baskets with salmon in them so we have a few orders or those going out.

Great Taste Award Gold

Fish in this basket?

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 16.50.46

Because Chinese New Year is not just for one day but lasts for a whole 15days of celebrations, which is great because Friday is, the first day and fresh food (fruit, fish and meat) gift baskets cannot be sent over the weekend. Since we’ll still be celebrating for the new two weeks, it’s perfectly fine for the basket to arrive either on the Friday or later than Sunday.

Do remember though that if the recipient family is anything like mine, they’ll be busy running around the first few days of Chinese New Year visiting friends and family and having dinners so they might not be home to sign for deliveries!

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year!

Xīn nián kuài lè

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