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Baskets Galore January Blues

January Blues


If I am honest, January is that month that I dread to see, its gloomy and long. The Christmas Jolly spirit and New Years Cheer have came and gone and everyone seems to be broke because we are still paying for all the goodies that were purchased for Santa coming to town.

We all get settled back into the routine of 9 to 5 after having a long 2 weeks off eating junk and lazing about even the gym activities get launched out the window if I am honest.

Some people hate the thought of going back to work but I love it, I need to have a routine in my life and working is one of the main parts in my routine as I have just got used to life in my own tiny way of school runs, work and spending time with my family and when I get a few hours to myself I would take myself to the gym but when I seem to be off work longer than a week everyday then feels like a Sunday, and the whole routine never seems to go to plan anyone else feel like me?

I even think the weather has not picked up it’s still short and Grey when I arrive to work it’s not light and when I leave is the same I wish spring would hurry up.

I think most people have a higher “worry” rate in January as most people hate their jobs and after having time of with the family eating junk plus the debt that many people have after the festive season I think most people would have a worry of some sort.

How I manage in the workplace in Baskets Galore we have monthly meetings and have reports to keep my colleagues and I on the same page, We also produce New basket ranges in January to give our customers something to look forward too. In January I look forward to buying my new diary its important for me to have my important information wrote down as we are always working on something new in Baskets Galore, so my advise for anyone working and does not have their own diary get one they are a must in my life and mines was in the sale! Yippee!

Also get your desk looking pretty, I think when you have your work setting well presented this help your inner self feel better and more organized, which I also get a bag of fruit and munch through out the day this keeps my energy levels up and it also makes me feel a lot better knowing I am being healthy than sitting eating chocolates with lots of calories.

I would love to here how you are managing through the January blues?

Ps. remember we do fruit baskets something nice and tasty for everyone in the office to enjoy while working.

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