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Andrea Juggling Work With Her Little One

Andrea has been meaning to blog more often, but Master Rowan has been keeping her far too busy!

Thought Andrea was able to write this blog for her lovely fans that would like an update on the little new prince.

I thought I'd write an update on how we are getting on, now that my baby boy is almost 4 months old. Where did that time go! Well basically, he is just the best boy in the world! Lol, but then I would say that wouldn't I!

As I previously mentioned after having Rowan at the start of October, I was back to work for a few days in November and then full time in December. I'm sure this doesn't seem like very long, and it's not, but it had to be done. We are a family business and our busiest time of year is December, as we also specialise in luxury Christmas hampers. It really is all hands on deck throughout December so I wanted to be back to help my family and colleagues. Despite taking on extra staff to help process & dispatch orders in December, there are never enough hours in the day & I'd have felt far too guilty not being there as I know what it's like. I normally manage the corporate orders, so I wanted to be there to assist Kate who was covering the role for her and also to help Lynne with the running of the office.

Due to it being SUCH a busy time it meant I didn't have much opportunity to think about missing Rowan, but of course I did. He on the other hand had a great time being spoilt by his grandparents and chilling out with daddy on the weekends! I was very lucky that he had started sleeping for 9-10 hours at night time (don't hate her!) from quite early on & so it wasn't too hideous getting up for work & working the long hours for those few weeks in December. I was able to start a bit later in the morning to give her a chance to feed Rowan, get his bottles and bag organised etc. His grandparents would kindly collect him from her in the morning, or stay at our house, so I had more time to also get myself ready! Daddy would then pick him up in the evenings so that I could work on late. All in all we had a great little system going!

I think spending some time apart has done us both good too. Rowan is really happy going to his grandparents and I was away from him fairly early on before getting too clingy, as I'm certain the longer you leave this the harder it will get! I would scoop him up when I got home & tell him how much I loved and missed him, so I also really appreciated the time I had with him. He then of course got spoilt rotten at Christmas time, despite being less than 3 months old! How can one little person accumulate SO much stuff!

In January I was banned, by the family I work with, from coming in everyday so that I could take a bit more maternity leave. "We can cope now" they say. At the minute I'm just doing 2 or 3 days a week, so that leaves her with plenty of mummy-son bonding time. My cat Eve is also trying to get on my knee for a cuddle here, while Rowan sleeps and I write this! Rowan & I have been shopping, meeting up with friends and also joined a mum & baby yoga class. (I really enjoyed the pregnancy yoga classes I did at my local leisure centre). We're also thinking about potentially going swimming soon.

My sister has 2 girls herself, so we are hoping to arrange us both working a 4 day week at non-busy times. I think that would be fantastic, as I can have the best of both worlds then.

Rowan out for coffee at almost 3 months
(he doesn't like the noisy coffee machine though!)

So what about you guys out there? Did any of you go back to work fairly early? Or perhaps you intended to but then just couldn't leave your little one? I am very lucky that my childminders are family members, as I'm sure that makes it much easier to leave them when they are still so small.

Have you any stories you would like to share ?

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