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Guy Fawkes Night & Baskets Galore Celebrations

On Guy Fawkes Night  5th November Little Annabel Celebrates her 5th Birthday



These are little Annabel's party invitations which she loved as they were designed to be Annabel and her family as you can see her baby sister holding her birthday balloons in the background.

When Lynne was expecting Annabel she thought she was having a baby boy and even suggested about calling the baby "Guy" as her due date was the 5th November but to her surprise she ended up delivering a little princess.


Annabels 5th Birthday

Here is a picture of Annabel enjoying her birthday cake, all her little friends dressed up to celebrate her birthday with her.

Annabel dresses up as a princess and was so pleased to get lots of presents her favourite was a barbie from her cousin baby Rowan.

Annabel shares her birthday with the famous Guy Fawkes ....

As a child in school I always remember the Rhythm Remember remember the fifth of November for me this rhyme is important as it sticks in my mind and reminds me of  the 'gunpowder plot' and helps it stick in my mind, but it's strange because even know I know the rhythm I wouldn't class myself as an expert on the story.


Guy Fawkes night is the annual commemoration of the Gunpowder Plot was lots of cities celebrate with fireworks and bonfires.

In London last night the places came to a standstill with everyone celebrating this event, Fireworks lit the skies up last night with a marvelous firework display.

guy fawkes night

Although I am sure some people wonder why this event is celebrated the story entails that 14 individuals planned to blow up the State Opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605 with the House of Lords inside, which sounds odd why people would celebrate this but the reason they do celebrate is because the mission failed and Guy Fawkes was caught and was sentenced to the traditional traitors' death.






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