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Celebrating Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving Day in 2013 falls tomorrow, Thursday 28th November and we wish to extend happy holiday wishes to all our American & Canadian customers (and anyone else) celebrating the day!

Many of your friends and family might be working or living in the UK & Ireland and so won’t be at home to celebrate with you. If this is the case why not let them know they’re in your thoughts by sending them a food parcel from our range of Thanksgiving Day Gift Hampers? This way they can also enjoy some tasty treats on the day.

And what happens after Thanksgiving? Well the day after Thanksgiving Day is traditionally known as Black Friday, and the Monday after as Cyber Monday. Black Friday is known as the start of the Christmas shopping season with many stores offering discounts and extended opening hours. Cyber Monday, which this year is Monday 02nd December 2013 is meant to be one of the busiest shopping days for online retailers such as ourselves.

In our office I asked some of the team ‘What would they be thankful for this year’ as we want to give thanks for all the good that has been made this year.


Andrea said that she was Thankful for the safe delivery of her new son Rowan who was born 4th October and is now 8weeks already and is doing really well.


Lynne said she was Thankful for her health and her family, Lynne has two little girls and she said she is Thankful that they are both healthy.


Laura our designer has just moved into her new home to start a new adventure with her boyfriend and she say’s she was Thankful that the move went quick and the work is underway to be completed.


Poor Kate is not well but never lets our team down, she said she is Thankful for her job and friends and family, but here in Baskets Galore we are Thankful to have her especially at this busy time of year.


Is one of the new members of the team and she say’s that she is Thankful for getting the job at Baskets Galore.


In the IT dept he said that he was Thankful for getting his placement here as it has certainly built up his skills.


Jonny was Thankful to get a holiday this year with his girlfriend he hasn’t been away in a few years and that he felt the little holiday break done him and his girlfriend good.

What are you Thankful for ??

Also remember if you would like to send a loved one who celebrates Thanks Giving a gift we have a whole range of baskets in our Occasions section.


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