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My Last Day

So after two years and a bit, its my last day at Baskets Galore. I can still remember my first day in the old, grim office back in June 2011! It wasn't all bad though! I was nervous, as it was my first job that was orientated around the work that I wanted to do as a career.

I can only remember a few bits and pieces from my placement in Baskets Galore, getting a little older you tend to forget all these things, usually the important things of course! I can remember my first Christmas the web server constantly crashing as customers were eager to place orders that was on top of trying to SEO the main websites to ensure we stayed at the top of search rankings. A very stressful Christmas indeed! Although I was practically "tied" to a computer, I did my fair share of work out in the warehouse during Christmas 2011, packing hampers. So I guess you could say I was "multi-skilled" - if only you could get bigger inverted commas!

I think my biggest influence in Baskets Galore was the new system that was integrated over my last 3-6 months. Better server hardware, software and a brand new system so that administration ran smoothly and everyone could place orders without any crashes. Anyway, boring stuff aside, I had a very enjoyable placement year and proceeded into final year - scary biscuits.

After I completed my final year I came back to Baskets Galore (yay!) and helped the current placement students. I shared all my wisdom and knowledge, whether it was taken aboard or not is another story! In this time the websites were rolled out with new designs and better functionality.

Humor aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Baskets Galore. I picked up a lot of new skills and made a lot of new friends. I hope to stay in contact with everyone and call in now and again. I am about to begin a new adventure at Eyekiller, continuing to do the work I have done in Baskets Galore. So thank you Neil, Lynne and Andrea for the experience I have gained through Baskets Galore.

I wish everyone at Baskets Galore all the best and a very successful future! Thank you all so much!


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