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Creating An Engaging Company Facebook Page

We're always coming up with ideas for how to make our BasketsGalore Facebook Page more fun & engaging, rather than simply about selling products.

We already know that fans & followers love competitions so we tend to run a monthly one and of course promote special offers and discounts. We've also introduced guessing games like "Spot The Difference" and "What Is It?" Then we thought "What if we could introduce something truly useful"?

This is when we came up with the idea of a Virtual Gift App. There are many Apps available to download and customise from 3rd parties such as Woobox, but unfortunately we couldn't find one that would do exactly what we wanted. We've already added the typical Competition, Twitter, Pinterest ones etc.

So instead we jotted down the idea on paper, then designed how we'd like it to look and explained the required functionality to Simon in our IT department. Jade styled it and then Simon made it come to life! The result? Our very own app, designed in-house!

This is all very good you might be thinking, but what does it actually do?

Well it allows our followers to send their friends and family a virtual gift for free. We are always wishing people well on Facebook with a witty comment etc & now our App lets you send them a fun image of a present too. You can choose from various occasions and messages such as congratulations, birthday, thank you and get well soon. You simply click to share the virtual gift image and you can also enter your own personalised message before posting it onto your own wall or a friends.

As a bonus, the clever bit is, the number of shares can be tracked by ourselves at this end. Providing your friend clicks to view the gift you posted on their wall, it will register with us as a share. We can then use this info to pick a follower who has shared a virtual gift at random & that lucky person will win a REAL gift basket from us. We'll pick a winner each month & they can have the real gift basket delivered to themselves or to a friend, colleague or family member.

So what do you think? Why not try it out for yourself & let us know?

Many thanks,
The BG Team

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