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Another Typical Day At The Office

On a rather dreary looking Wednesday in summer, what on earth are the Baskets Galore team up to?

Out in the warehouse, the team is running around assembling the baskets from this morning's orders whilst doing a quick stock take and photography for new baskets. It amazes me all the time how fast they always are and their incredible ability to multi-task.

In the office, we have the IT department rearranging the computers (yet again) because we're one plug socket less in an area of the office for a laptop. It seems like we cannot go a month in Baskets Galore without playing some sort of musical computers, desks and chairs game. And of course, at the start of each rearrangement there were constant reminders for William not to bang his head or hurt himself as he crawled into the gap between the desks to unplug wires, cables and whatnots from floor sockets.

And over in another part of the office, we have Lynne, Jade and Andrea having a discussion about getting a Kindle for the office so that we can access resources, manuals and training materials on Amazon. The pros and cons of reading it digitally or buying the book, comparing prices and looking at the IT team for advice when it came to reading it on the computer.

We have Neil who is busy on his phone as per usual, baffling the entire office (or at least, me) each time his phone rings because of his duck quacking ringtone and being given notes and lists of things to buy today.

Then we have THIS side of the office and we are....

But we ARE working! Roma is going through Health & Safety documents and I'm working on two spreadsheets at once as I double check the breakdowns for our new baskets. We were just.... peckish.

Surely we cannot be the only ones who snack at their desk at work. What do you all nibble on?

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