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8 Key Features of Operating A Gift Basket Company - From Start Up to 10 Years On

A Start Up Gift Basket Company in the UK Aged 10 Years

They say that the Internet is making things smaller, faster and simpler.

This is our Company Business Strategy summarised into a single page. (Click here to Pin It)

The Brand Name features prominently because when you have a long term vision, the brand symbol becomes that seal of quality, or emblem of guarantee, which you have contributed to immensely over many years.

We have selected 8 features to stress on this Infographic, which in our opinion are key features of a business of this nature at this stage.

Our Mission Statement is as relevant now as it was 10 years ago. The aim has always been the same, it's just that we've emerged from a regional focus to a national one and finally a continental over the years.

The 'About Us' page was one of the most frequently hit pages in the early days of E-Commerce as it was largely a nascent form of commerce. Our 'About Us' page has obviously changed over the years to reflect a more corporate identity, but our personalisation is still evident as we see the new reality as a personal challenge to ourselves to deliver on the mission.

'Best Selling Baskets' reveals a focus on providing our customers with what they want to buy rather than on what we would like to sell them. We're not a company which is an extension or division of a larger company.

We have always stressed the Delivery dimension of our business. In this infographic you can see that our biggest market is England, followed by other EU countries. This regional segmentation approach has been our approach since the outset. Different people, different cultures and different demographics demand a different approach to web-building.

Our emphasis on Social Media is a key business driver at present and this is really the successor to the old testimonials which used to be so important in the early days of E-Commerce. Nowadays customers expect much more than just testimonials, they want real time feedback and independent reviews. We understand this human desire to make better decisions based on word of mouth and are investing time and money in making it better.

Promotions reflects the intensely competitive nature of the industry. We've never believed in doing things at less than the cost to oneself, but in the modern day your pricing has to be similar to your leading rivals. After that it's just a case of which company is the most efficient or has the deepest pockets to see which, if either, is left standing at the end.

So that's our summary of what we are thinking when operating a Gift Basket Company in the UK and Europe in 2013.

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