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Heatwave Competition - BasketsGalore - July/August 2013

We've recently incorporated new tabs onto our Facebook page so that we could link through to our other social media sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

When researching how to add these tabs I came across 'Competition' tabs and looked into the benefits of these a bit further. It turns out that running simple 'like & share' competitions on Facebook is actually against the rules, although many people/companies are still doing it.

Now we've realised this we decided to implement the tab method for this month's competition. Basically you can set it up with 2 different images. One image is seen by non-fans, and once they like your page, the image can change to show you all the competition and entry details.

So far we're finding it's working well as it is easier to monitor all the entries and to make sure all the rules are fulfilled. You can set different entry criteria such as asking a question, asking to share or asking for their email address. It also seems to be easy for followers to use and to know that they have entered correctly.

We'll continue to monitor the progress and see if this competition is as popular, or more or less so, than usual.

Have a lovely, sunny weekend and please feel free to enter our Facebook competition for the chance to win a chocolatey treat!!

All the Best,
The BG Team

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