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Class Of 2013

Hello to all the New Graduates of 2013

May I just say from myself graduating yesterday how brilliant it was and I'm sure you will all agree !

Its funny I was in work on Tuesday and before leaving my boss Neil, wished me all the best and told me to enjoy the day, In honesty I wasn't fussed I even replied saying, "I'm dreading it".  He told me not to as it was my day and I would have a fantastic time and guess what Wednesday Morning Rush, Rush, Rush I mean hair, make up, dress (Its hard being a lady at times) and off I went to the waterfront hall for 9am. It was not until I got out of the car when I thought this is my day, and I will tell you why.......

I am a young mum and I get stereotyped a lot, I don't mind we all do it from time to time. I had my son when I was still in secondary school and made a promise to myself I would go onto to make him proud of me, I passed my GCSE'S, A levels and after 4 hard years at University I graduated with a Bachelor in Science with a Diploma in Professional Practice. Wow even I am shocked but I want to prove to other young mums that anything is possible.

With attending University I had to complete a placement year when I was employed by Baskets Galore, as a student to get practice in web design, and 2years on I am still here now working full time in the Social Media Scene.

Yesterday was a fabulous day although who was nervous walking over that stage??

Im pretty sure I wasn't the only one who was thinking "oo this Mortar Board  is going to fall of OR Hope I don't fall" I even think the fellas had that moment in thought yesterday !

Come on who walked across like this ? 

My Colleague William Armstrong also Graduated this week as a Bachelor of Science Graduate, He had similar nerve problems as he told me this morning he nearly tripped going on stage.

I'm sure everyone who has a attended a Graduation Ceremony will agree with the Baskets Galore team that it is a special day and it gives credit to not just the students achieving these goals but to their families, friends and work places for helping the students on their way through the University Journey.

Jade in Social Media Team

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