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Summer Plans For Christmas Work Party?

So it's six months after Christmas 2012 and we had only just decided what we're going to do for our Christmas do/day out/party etc.

We're going go karting! Wooooo!

No, there is no such thing as a Baskets Galore brand go kart

Currently, we've planned it for August and a barbeque afterwards but the actual site of the barbeque is yet to be decided. Being highly sensitive to the sun, I'm probably the only one in the office silently hoping the day would have a bit of cloud cover so that I wouldn't be stuck hiding under an umbrella as we eat.

Perhaps we should have a prize hamper as whoever crossed the finish line first. What do you guys think? Should there be a prize for this go karting event and if so, what kind of prize? Personally I wouldn't mind one of our Brunch Baskets. Cheese, salmon, juice, tea - mmm, yum yum.

We could maybe make a competition out of this, you never know! (Please don't count on me to win. My driving is atrocious and the above picture of me is probably just me driving round in circles!)

- Kate

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