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Top 5 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

So 2013 is the year I turn 30, along with a lot of my friends so we have lots of birthday parties and presents to attend and buy. We are going to a 30th party this weekend in fact & have just been debating what to buy for a birthday present.

My husband has already turned 30 in February and received lots of welcome gifts, and some not so welcome gifts (2 x dirty pints!)

Here are some of the best/most popular 30th birthday gift options for him or for her:


Vouchers are always a fairly safe and easy choice as chances are you know where they like to shop or eat and if not you can just go with a well known option. They are also easy to buy at the last minute if like me you sometimes leave things until the last minute! Or if you're really good a few of you could club together a get hotel vouchers for a cheeky night/weekend away.


A bottle of wine, champagne or their favourite spirit is also a fairly safe and easy choice. Chances are they might be having a party too so can crack it open there & then to drown their sorrows over hitting the big 3-0!

Birthday Meal/Drinks

Another popular choice if a group of you are heading out for a meal & drinks is to pay for the birthday boy or girl. When dividing the bill up everyone else chips in to cover the difference. This is a nice option if you aren't exchanging big presents, but just want to pass on a little birthday cheer!

Gift Basket

A  gift basket can make a lovely present for a special birthday as you can select a number of smaller things to go into it and so create a basket of their favourite things. A birthday gift basket can also be a great choice if you can't make the party or live abroad etc as you can order one online and have it delivered directly to them. You also have a choice of food based birthday baskets, fun birthday baskets or pamper birthday baskets.


Of course there is always the traditional option of heading to the shops and picking out a gift. This could be clothes, music, DVD's, video games or gadgets, jewellery or perfume/aftershave. This is probably the most time intensive option though and you need to know them quite wellso you don't choose something they already have or don't like!

Whatever you decide, receiving gifts is always lovely and will be appreciated.

We always receive lots of lovely emails from happy customers and recipients who we have helped convey their love and best wishes in gift basket form!


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