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UK Bakery Gift Baskets To Share

 Happy Pancake Day Everyone! 

We hope you all enjoyed a pancake breakfast & if not you can make some tonight instead. All this talk of pancakes is making me hungry & has got me thinking about our range of delicious baked goods. Unfortunately pancakes aren't amongst these as they don't have a long enough shelf life, but we do have plenty of other choices.

In fact the design & photography team at BasketsGalore have been busy bees creating a new range of bakery gift baskets for you to enjoy. Amongst the contents are muffins, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, flapjacks and cookies. Mm, yummy!

Baked Sensation - £49.99
Bountiful Bakery - £149.99

Freshly baked goods make an ideal gift for a variety of occasions & we have themed them as such into "Thank You" versions, "Good Luck" versions and "Birthday" versions.

Mother's Day is also coming up on 10th March in the UK & Ireland so your mum might like to receive a sweet treat or two! Our baked range of gift baskets are also great office gifts as they contain plenty of items perfect for sharing between colleagues.

We hope you enjoy browsing the range of baked delights on offer!

The (Hungry) BG Team

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