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BasketsGalore - Cheesey Christmas Hamper Choice By Kate

Baskets Galore Employee Profile - Kate

Name: Kate

Job: Administrator

Which Christmas basket would you most like to receive?

Superior Cheese and Biscuits


I love cheese! (Even though I'm a allergic to dairy products!)

What is the best thing about working at Baskets Galore at Christmas time?

Getting good feedback from customers especially when you're multitasking over several things at once (seriously if there was a super power for extra limbs, we'd all sign up).

What is the worst thing about working at Baskets Galore at Christmas time?

Pushing back your lunch breaks because the phone won't stop ringing and the emails won't stop coming in! (but you feel special when the customer tells you that they loved the customer service).

If you could fill a hamper with just one product which product would it be?


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