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Baskets Galore - Chilly Christmas Banquet by Neil

Name: Neil

Job: Company Director & Hamper Packer

Which Christmas basket would you most like to receive?

Bad question as everyone will pick the most expensive.  My favourite to receive would be the Christmas Chilly Banquet.


Due to the composition of chilled goods and gourmet Christmas items, when I see them from the production point of view and the packaging, I just think what a wonderful gift they make.

What is the best thing about working at Baskets Galore at Christmas time?

Its a very exciting time, its cold in the warehouse but you don't feel as you are so busy assembling gift hampers.  Personally the best thing is seeing the last few hampers leave the depot on the penultimate day before Christmas and not having disappointed anyone.

What is the worst thing about working at Baskets Galore at Christmas time?

The worst thing is having to come in again to work between Christmas and the New Year.  Since we operate all year round we have to change the company's settings online and switch back to focusing on providing our customers with their gift baskets throughout the year.

If you could fill a hamper with just one product which product would it be?

Well I've sort of done this by creating a range of assorted chocolate hampers.  In my opinion hampers have to be diverse and eclectic. However if pressed to have a hamper filled with one product, I'd pick the chocolate muffins from Sugar & Spice.  I like the caramel within them as it makes them so moist.

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