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How To Create An Easter Gift Basket - Top 5 Tips

Easter time is an example of an occasion perfect for gift baskets. You might like to create an Easter Gift for your kids & family or perhaps to sell, but how would you go about this? Read on for our top 5 tips for creating Easter Gifts Baskets.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when deciding to create an Easter Gift.

1) The Recipient(s) - Always keep in mind who the gift basket is for & this will help with all your other choices. Is it for an individual person or a group of people?  If it is for a group of people then you will probably need to include more items. More items can obviously lead to more cost, but not necessarily  if you pick easy to share items such cake, cupcakes, chocolates & sweeties. Also what age is/are the recipient(s)? If it is for a young child then there will be certain sweets not suitable for them. Older recipients are unlikely to appreciate lots of candy or toys, unless of course they are young at heart!

2) The Contents - The first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Easter gifts is of course Easter Eggs! A basket of eggs may be exactly what you wish to send, but we like to try & be a bit more imaginative to cater for more people. As well as Easter Eggs, you will find little chocolate animals & mini chocolate eggs dotted throughout our BasketsGalore Easter baskets. Sweeties such as chews, jellies, pastilles, lollipops & themed marshmallows are great for sharing & brightening up your gift too. For the older recipient we find baked goods such as cupcakes, cakes, buns & flapjacks are popular inclusions.

Your Easter gift baskets don't have to consist of all food either. Cuddly toys like bunnies & chicks are cute additions and help to theme the gift basket. Or perhaps books, puzzles or DVD's to help keep the kids entertained on their Easter Holidays off school.

3) The Container - when you know how many people the gift is for & what items you want to include then you will be able to select a suitable container. Woven baskets are very Easter-like and come in all shapes & sizes. Baskets will a tall handle look great, but aren't very practical when it comes to posting/delivering them as they are bulky. Lidded hampers are easier to assemble as they don't require as much gift wrap. Basket trays are shallow so are good if you are including lots of smallish items. Medium rectangular baskets give a bit more height, are linen lined and can be cellophane wrapped for maximum visual impact. You may already have the basket chosen & if so you can work the contents around it!

4) The Presentation - We have already touched upon gift wrap for your gift basket in the form of cellophane wrapping. Presentation has 2 aspects to it - the look of the gift, but also the practicalities for when it is being transported. Is your basket linen lined or will you need to insert some kind of cloth lining? To pad the basket out & provided protection to the gift you might like to add shredded paper, tissue paper or bubble wrap for glass items. There is also the option to shrink wrap the basket to stop the items within moving around too much & becoming damaged. Colourful ribbons & organza bows help to finish the gift basket look & give it that wow factor.

5) The Delivery - Are you going to be hand delivering the gift, posting it or sending it by courier company. As mentioned the type of product on offer and choice of container will need to be taken into consideration depending on your delivery method. Bulky or heavy baskets can be difficult to box & expensive to ship. Perishable items such as fruit or meat may not travel well either unless you have special "keep cool" packaging. Hand delivery is great for local gifts, but you may get requests for further afield & so driving to them all is not a viable option.

Our Easter Gift Baskets 

At BasketsGalore we have been creating Easter Gift Baskets for the past 10 years, so you might like to look at our range for inspiration. Also if you live overseas postage to the UK & Ireland can be expensive, so why not order a gift for your loved ones from us & we can ship it from only £6.99. Ordering an Easter gift also takes the hassle out of sourcing, packaging, presenting & posting your gift as we take care of all that for you! However, we hope these tips are helpful for anyone wanting & able to create their very own Easter Gift Basket.

Easter Eggstravagance Family Basket
Easter Eggstravagance Family Basket £59.99
Easter Bunny Basket
Easter Bunny Basket £34.99

P.S - You could also cheat by designing your own Easter Gift, but letting us put it together & deliver if for you! How do you do this? Simply visit our "Create Your Own" website & pick from all the items listed individually! There is even a dedicated holiday section, so it is currently full of Easter themed items.

Thanks for reading & 'Happy Easter' to you all!!

The BG Team

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