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Non Alcoholic and Hampers without alcohol.

Christmas Hampers in 2011

2011 will be our 9th season of preparing and dispatching Christmas Hampers and every year we think we offer a better and larger selection from last year.
Most importantly we refresh the contents of our hampers as packaging and tastes change, whilst retaining the key products, which make our hampers so popular.

This year we have clarified our non alcoholic range of hampers and hampers without alcohol. Basketsgalore grew originally from a desire to change perceptions and move away from the traditional format of a duo of wines with low cost food products.
Our differentiation was to include food products, which were too expensive to be included in the hampers of competitors. Thus the hamper without alcohol was born. We advertised the concept as being a no alcohol hamper although we included things such as brandy butter, brandy laced mince pies, etc.

In those days we were just a small provincial hamper company and we were thinking locally. However, because we were the first to do something different from the norm, our Christmas Traditional Feast Hamper was selected for review by the Sunday Times. They loved the hamper, but commented on the inclusion of Brandy Butter and Rich Fruity Chutney with Stout in a non alcoholic hamper.

Basketsgalore is now recognised as the online market leaders in hampers without alcohol in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our range is based upon the minimisation of wine and alcohol within our hampers to offer something different from the competition.

This year we have our largest ever selection of hampers without alcohol available to buy on Our non alcoholic section is the strictest definition of the hamper without alcohol in the sense that there are no products whatsoever which contain any alcohol.

We are also offering a selection of our best selling hampers with wine and these can be purchased directly at
Unfortunately Basketsgalore does not offer a hamper collection service for legal and insurance reasons. We have no insurance cover for retail customers visiting our premises, so please do not call around as we are unable to serve you. The exception to this is corporate entities organising their own collection for onward distribution using their own transportation networks.

Our brochures are now available for download at without alcohol) to Ireland) (Hampers with Wine)

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