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Corporate Restructure at Basketsgalore Ltd


Important News for all Customers

Over the next 3-4 months, Basketsgalore Ltd corporate structure will change.
The reasons for this are due to local legislative requirements and to comply with the new EU 2013 regulations governing sales taxes payable on goods between EU member states exceeding £35000 per annum.

We are taking this opportunity to structure our operations in order to comply with these regulations. By 2013 all sales taxes and duties to another EU member state must be paid to that state for goods and services delivered within its borders. Currently Basketsgalore Ltd pays all duties, corporation taxes and sales tax to HMRC UK on the basis that goods are dispatched from the UK regardless of destination.

In order to comply with these changes within the prescribed timeframe, Basketsgalore will be restructuring its divisions over the coming 15 months.
We would appreciate our customers understanding & assistance as we aim to make this transition as easy as possible. Please understand that these changes are as a result of changes in the law of the land.

All Sales regardless of origin, but going to the Republic of Ireland will be processed by Ciseáin Go Leor Ltd (Irish for Basketsgalore Ltd). A dedicated website has been established for Irish deliveries. Customers are requested to use for all non alcoholic gift baskets and hampers going to Ireland.

For sales going to Northern Ireland, customers can chose to purchase from either or as long as the gift basket does not contain alcohol. The reason for this is that the Northern Ireland delivery market is very small and it is not possible for us to exceed the £35,000 sales limit.

Any gift basket or hamper sales containing wine will be dispatched by, which is being operated by Ciseáin Go Leor Ltd for the remainder of this year. This is the only website where you can buy a hamper containing wine for delivery in Ireland.

All sales originating from anywhere in the world and going to the UK will be processed by the original company. This excludes any baskets which contain wine.

Next year will be owned and operated by Basketsgalore GB Ltd (a registered company in England & Wales, whereupon wine will be available for sale within Great Britain).

The premises in Ireland will be opening next month with England & Wales scheduled to open early next year.

We appreciate how confusing all of this may seem. We would far rather just get on with the business of creating and dispatching great value gift baskets and hampers on behalf of our customers around the world. However, by 1st January 2013 all these changes will have been phased in to the extent that the following occurs. only accepts orders for delivery to Northern & Southern Ireland.
(Ciseáin Go Leor Ltd) only accepts non alcoholic orders for the United Kingdom
(Basketsgalore Ltd) accepts all orders including wine and champagne for delivery only in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland)
(Basketsgalore (GB) Ltd)

As a result all 3 legal jurisdictions will have a Basketsgalore with its own premises in each region and comply with the regulations and laws relating to that borough.

We are still able to create economies of scale through Basketsgalore Ltd with that company acting as a general food and drink wholesaler for the Group purchasing requirements. Goods will be held in bonded warehouses where necessary and duties paid to the EU member state where the goods are delivered.

If in any doubt please contact or phone us. Our mission, as it has always been is to unite friends and family from around the world by providing the greatest gift baskets in the world.

Our objective is that by the end of 2012 we will have a wide range of even better websites, which can handle our customers orders wherever in the world they live or wish to send a Basketsgalore Gift Basket.


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