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Online Hampers and Gifts UK

Online Forums saying make your own hamper or gift basket!

You find the question frequently online. Where can I find a good gift hamper company to use in Europe. And you can be certain that you will get several helpful responses suggesting that you make it yourself.
But do these people really know what they are talking about!
So let’s just say I wanted to create a food hamper.

First thing I’d do is visit TK Maxx or Ikea where I know they usually have a range of discounted basketware.
Last time I was in, Ikea had reasonable seagrass baskets available for about £8 and TK Maxx had a sort of lidded container, which would have sufficed for £10-£11.

After that you need to buy the straw, which can be found at craft stores. You will need to buy a small bag costing about £5. Whilst there buy some nice ribbon and bows, which will be another £3-£4.

Buy say £30 worth of food items, which is more difficult than you think on the basis that a lot of products are made especially for retailers. The smaller producers can usually only be found in delicatessens, which tend to be more expensive.

Pack the food items and wrap the basket. Some people are artistically flaired and will find this easier than others, but regardless it doesn’t matter what you do, it will always take longer the first time.

OK, so it is now finished, it will hopefully look OK, and you have to find a box to fit it in and tape it up. Write your gift card message and then you will need to take it to the post office. Post office recorded delivery will be more than you anticipate because they will calculate the cost volumetrically.

By the time you have dispatched your hamper and paid for the postage, your outlay will almost certainly have exceeded the cost of buying from Basketsgalore. And this is not including the cost of your time. Even on minimum wage, you really ought to factor in a minimum of 2-3 hours to achieve your objective. At £6 per hour you have to add £18 to total cost.

So you can buy a better product and have it delivered for less money without the hassle from Basketsgalore or do it yourself and pay more.

So our hypothesis is that it is invariably always more cost effective to buy from a professional company than to attempt to do it yourself. A bit like DIY work, unless you know what you are doing, it will always end up more expensive than you initially think.

The case for Basketsgalore rests. We look forward to hearing from some DIYers.


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