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Gift Baskets By You

A few more Make Your Own Gift Baskets

We’ve had some unusual requests for create your own gift baskets such as lemons, remedial creams, dental cream and a basket full of isotonic drinks. However, based on what we have on offer, our customers continue to create some lovely gift baskets.
We’ve selected a few from the end of last week, to give new customers an idea of what it is possible to create at

Jane from Buckinghamshire UK sent a wicker get well tray consisting of grapes, apples, pears, kiwis and passion-fruits. Included was a puzzle-book, chocolate covered mango. Nuts and seeds and a bottle of pressed apple juice.
This was a very thoughtful gift basket in our opinion with the emphasis on the healthy items, but just a little bit of chocolate in the form of the chocolate enrobed mango.

Brad sent his Mum in Birmingham UK, a gourmet gift tray consisting of 3 cheeses, Duck pate, sea-salt crackers, garlic olives for her Birthday. This was an unusual design since the items were all quite small, so our solution was to create a sea straw and lay the products out flat. Then more straw was added to create a level surface with only the tops of the products being visible.

Michelle sent a hospital gift basket to her friend in East Sussex, UK, which consisted of Teas, a mens magazine, a puzzle, a novel, fresh fruit and dried fruit mixes along with a balloon. Another really well thought out gift basket creation in a nice choice of basket, which was perfect for the gift.

Next gift creation was a big one by Annabel for her mother in London. A linen lined basket with Truffles, biscuits, cake, coffee, chocolate sauce, grapes, cheeses, a bottle of ale, ham, salmon, olives and a woman’s magazine. This went in one of our bigger baskets, was expertly arranged, shrink-wrapped, bagged, ribboned and bowed.

We hope you continue to create some unusual, thoughtful and innovative gift baskets over the summer of 2010.

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