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Gift Basket Ideas by You

Some more creations from our customers:

Jacqueline was sending a gift basket to South Devon for a 90th Birthday and created a collection of Chocolates, then bakery items followed by cheeses, ham and salmon before completing the basket with a duo of fruit packs. These sorts of baskets look very impressive when they are assembled as the packers are able to layer the basket and compartmentalise the cold items before placing the colourful fruit at the front and then wrapping the completed gift.

Carina was sending her gift basket of condolences to Essex in the UK and combined cakes, buns and handmade chocolates with a selection of cheeses and salmon before providing an opportunity to decorate the basket with a trio of fruit packs.

A gift basket to London in England was dispatched by Sophie as a get well gift and it included some chocolates and shortbread along with a bottle of Pressed Apple and Raspberry Juice, the orchard pack, a balloon along with a mens magazine, which in this case was GQ For Men and a puzzle book.

From Australia to Glasgow, Pauline used Basketsgalore to send her mother a gift basket for International Mothers Day. It included chunky chocolate, shortbread and iced cake along with a savoury component of cheeses, crackers and nuts and seeds. All rounded off with a punnet of grapes. It looked great and struck us as it deviated quite a bit from the stereotypical feminine oriented gift idea.

Donna was sending to West Sussex in the UK and went for a wicker hamper consisting of a little from each section. Chocolates, Cakes, Savoury biscuits and chutney to go with her cheeses, some jam for the cake and some fudge. She selected the Ashers Rock Buns but didnt select the creamy chocolate sauce from Ballyshiel.
Currently this is one of my favourite food gift combinations. The opportunity to dip or spread those buns or shortbread in the chocolate sauce should not be missed.

These are just a few selections made by our customers over the past week through new build your own hamper section. On average it takes twice as long to pack a basket created by a customer. The reason for this is that staff over time are able to memorise the best way of presenting the layout of products for aesthetic and transportation reasons. When you have infinite permutations as we currently have, they need to follow a set formula, which we are in the midst of perfecting.

Happy Gift Basketing!

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