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Diary of A Basket Case Part 2

Hello again,

My journey from the fields of China to the warehouse of the UK's leading gift basket and hamper supplier has been temporarily put on hold.

I am writing this from a British port where I am awaiting clearance from UK customs.

Since the last time I wrote it has been 2 weeks since we departed the balmy climate of Dubai where the temperature inside our container reached an uncomfortable level. As you can imagine we are packed in here like sardines and all my fellow baskets are looking forward to arriving in the UK.

It took us a few days but finally we reached the east coast of England in the UK to one of the worlds largest container depots. Our container was lifted gently from our Super sized container ship to a holding area with other containers from all around the world destined for other parts of the United Kingdom and Europe.

After a few days we were loaded onto a smaller ship for a short sail around the British Isles, past East Anglia, London's Thames Estuary, through the English Channel and past Bristol's Severn Estuary and up the west coast of Britain.

We have reached our final port of call, but as luck would have it we have been earmarked for inspection by British customs.

The delay is upsetting for me. I can't wait to see my new home in the Gift Basket and hamper Factory. I'm looking forward to feeling the fresh cool air of the UK and finding out what sort of gift basket I am likely to grow into when I reach my final destination.

Maybe I will be a Get Well Gift Basket, maybe a Thank-You Gift, could I be a Birthday Gift Hamper? Many of my fellow baskets are speculating that the reason for our fancy linen lining is that we are all going to be baby gift baskets. However, we could as easily be gourmet fruit hampers and the extra lining is simply extra protection. Alternatively we could all be destined to be fancy food containers as we all have such a high quality look about us that we could have a multiplicity of uses for several years into the future.

I can't wait to arrive.

Basket X

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