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Who does the best Gift Baskets in the UK?

Well it's us of course! And here's the reason why.

We bring a little bit of imagination and we are different from the UK Hamper Companies, so they have resorted to copying us.

One competitor even had the temerity to steal our marketing strap line which is "Gift Baskets with Flair and Panache."
Another competitors pretended to be us at Christmas time, which we found out about when people phoned up to complain about the impersonators service.
One other company used our brand name in their title tags and hid our name within their pages.
Somebody called themselves Giftbasketsgalore Ltd, someone called themselves Basketsgalore Ltd. Someone called themselves Babybasketsgalore Ltd. Someone set up a company after our top selling New Born Baby Gift Basket. We have seen it all over the past 10 years and throughout it all we never get upset.

But the copying of our strap line is particularly amusing and significant. All the other misdemeanours were carried out by new start basket & hamper companies. You can understand their exuberant naivity. However the style and panache copying was allegedly committed by a company which has been around for as long as if not a little longer than us.

The only place where that phrase could have come from is Basketsgalore. That's because Gift Baskets is what we do, its all we do and its what we are great at doing.

We're just a small family run business, but its great to see our competitors copying us and desperately trying to oust us from our top ranking in Google. We don't copy anybody, we think for ourselves and we edit choice according to a fine balance between what we think you want and what you want yourself. We create our own strap lines based on our imagination and creativity.

Imagination and creativity is what makes us the leading Gift Basket Company in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And if you're Irish, you can take advantage of this fact by shopping at

If you haven't even got the imagination to carve out new market segments and write your own text, then what makes these business owners think that they can produce more desirable gift baskets than Basketsgalore.

So shoppers of Basketsgalore, rejoice that you are a shopper with the Greatest Gift Basket Company that the World has ever seen, let alone the UK and Ireland.

Basketsgalore Marketing Team

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