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The Diary of a Basket


I am a Basket Case (literally) and you can see me in the picture below. I am in the back ground, it is a little bit blurred, but you can just about make me out as I am the 3rd basket down in the 2nd stack closest to the wall.

Currently I am writing this whilst docked in Dubai along with thousands of my basket friends. I am destined for a company called in the United Kingdom. When I get there I am told that I will be dressed and pampered like a King until it is my time to depart for a home somewhere in the UK. I am to be converted from being a humble basket into a beautiful gift basket, which is the reason for my fancy handles.

I am stacked in a large container and have a smaller colleague beside me. My destiny is unclear, perhaps I will be used as a container for baby products, food items or pampering products. Due to my size I expect to be priced at the mid to higher gift price range and there is a high probability that I will end up in the South East of England. However, I could be sent to Ireland, Holland, Germany, France and some of my predecessors have been sent as far afield as America, Australia, Russia and New Zealand.

Rather amusingly, there is the story of one basket, who having been sent out from China and travelling thousands of miles around the world ended up returning to Beijing.

Anyway more of my adventures at a later date as I am only half way towards my UK destination.

Basket X

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