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Making your own Basket

A Cheesey Gift and a Fruity Gift

Today, a couple of gift baskets captured my attention as they were entirely created by our customers. This meant that there was no precedent for how the gift should be assembled or wrapped.

It's not until you have been running a hamper or gift basket business that you realise just how differently a gift can appear depending upon the arrangement. I can see the staff looking at me in puzzlement as I break apart their layout to show them how I want it done.

I like everything to be facing the right way, I like to ensure that fragile items are placed at the top and that things aren't able to roll about in the basket. I have even got to the point now where I like the packaging of the products to match or compliment each other. I don't like bulky items or awkward shapes as I want to maximise the value and I hate the idea of shipping pure air.

So you can imagine how intrigued I am by the creations of our customers. When you click through to the create your own basket panel from Basketsgalore home page, you are now taken to a new web-site which allows you to pick and mix your products from several hundred items.

I want to know do they fit and do they match aswell as the ones that we create for our customers on
Today Gemma from South Yorks in the UK and Richard from Hong Kong really impressed me with the thought and attention to detail given to their gift baskets.

Gemma went for a lidded hamper and the central theme was obviously apples and pears.
There was a bottle of Pressed Apple and Pear Juice to which she added the Orchard Fruit Pack consisting of apples and pears and a Grape Pack. Then she added some sweet items such as shortbread, Fairy Cakes, Lindt chocolate and fudge along with the Earl Grey Teabags. I was able to place the Orchard pack in the centre of the container and carefully pack them with straw to avoid rolling and damage. The result was a great tasty theme, which when opened is sure to impress with its thoughtfulness.

Richard went for the same type of container, but he opted for the 500g Cheese selection pack of 4 cheeses from Fivemiletown Creamery to which he added OffBeats Rich Fruity Chutney with stout and Dorset Blue Cheese and Olive thick and thin savoury biscuits. He added a messaged balloon and some Fruit & Nut Chunky Chocolates to his gift basket.
Once again the flexibility of our containers allowed the food items to be designed in a pleasing manner and with the addition of our standard ribbons and bows, the end result will be something which the recipient will admire for the thought which went into creating the basket.

I love to see the little details and touches, which the packers use to ensure that every gift basket looks fantastic when I am out in the warehouse. The Chocolate Volcano range of baskets all have little strands of firey coloured paper wrapped around the chocolate sauce in the middle of the basket. Hopefully the recipients will understand the symbolism and if you have received one of these gift baskets recently please do let us know what you think of our designs.

Happy Gift Basket Creating,


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