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Healthy Gift Baskets

We're all on a health and well-being crusade at work in Spring/Summer time 2010 and this is reflected in the fresh, healthy organic contents of our gift baskets.

With the freezing conditions of winter over, I've decided that I'm going to cycle to work as this will excuse me from signing up for the dreaded gym. So this was my first day of testing how long it would take.

I had never noticed before, but its pretty much all uphill on the way there because it took me 30 mins to get there and only 20 minutes to come back. Its not that far really, the round trip is less than 10 miles according to my odometer and I am certain that I reduce this distance substantially by cutting through parks, alley ways and rights of ways.

If you look at our selection of baskets, you'll see that we have concentrated on organic, handmade products. Of course there are still many items which are a little less good for you, but even then we focus on the best quality that we can get. A case in example is our standard 200g box of truffles, which ironically are still extremely good for you as they are gluten free and contain baby fig, apricot and dried plum covered in hand made chocolate.

So even when we're competing for chocolate hampers and gift baskets, we're still extremely health conscious. And what customers are finding with a Basketsgalore gift hamper is that being healthy is also very tasty.


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