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“GiftBasketsUK”. The .com experiment

“GiftBasketsUK”. The .com experiment

About 4 or 5 years ago we picked up a domain called for about $100. We bought it because we wanted to experiment on an older domain and we also liked the name of the domain site.

If I recall correctly the website had previously been controlled by a gift shop in a place called Telford or Shrewsbury in England and they sold Gift Baskets from a shopping centre. Well as you can imagine they lasted 2 years and called it a day as operating overheads and fixed costs absorbed any cash flow they generated.

So in 2005, the domain became available, we bid $100 not thinking we would get it and lo and behold, Snap Names advised us that we were the new owners. Basketsgalore Ltd who were on the way to being the Gift Basket specialists in the UK had bought the generic product name. Naturally we went on to buy the extension, lest there be any confusion.

Since then we have never taken the web-site too seriously as there were other company priorities, but now in 2010, we can proudly announce that is about to be relaunched.

All Basketsgalore customers can use the exact same login details for this website as Basketsgalore, but the difference is that there is a different navigational array and that we are offering a range of different products.

So say goodbye to clunky dated dream weaver edited with its antiquated mals e-commerce solution and hello to one of the fastest, brightest and most colourful web-site platforms in the UK, if not the world.

We’re offering different products and in truth it’s a return to our roots of creating imaginative gifts in a basket. Basketsgalore offers only the very finest products, such as gluten free hand made chocolates and organic salmon or handmade preserves. This makes it impossible to compete at certain price points.

We are not prepared to compromise or cheapen our gift baskets, but at the same time the lower end of the market contains significant volume and we are in the gift basket industry. So the solution is to design and target lower price points for every occasion when you would want to send a gift basket.

We hope you enjoy shopping with And don’t forget Basketsgalore customers can login using the same details.


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