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BabyGifts New Website

All New Baby Website launches this weekend!

It's finally here! The website you have been all waiting for!. It's the all new improved version of This is our create-your-own baby gift basket division.

Before Basketsgalore moved online, their Baby Gifts were offered via a catalogue.
There were baskets such as Special Delivery Baby Bonanza. There was Ozzy the Octopus. There were brands like Zorbit, Eden Toys, Nicci, Earth Friendly Baby, Natalia.

We have continued with many of these high quality brands, but added several more including Lamaze, Russ Berrie and Inch Blue.

We've become the best Gift Basket company in the UK and Ireland, we focus on creating the best value gifts for all occasions in a basket. Now we introduce a new concept, which is the world's first genuinely customer friendly create-your-own baby gift website using items we place in our range of gift baskets.

This website is designed to guide the shopper where it needs to guide, but still offers her a wide choice of products. We want you to enjoy your time perusing the products available at prices lower than RRP. We want you to imagine how the basket will look as you place the components together to assemble the perfect gift in a basket.
However if you're a man and the prospect of individually choosing baby products doesnt particularly appeal to you, we still have the largest and best selection of baby gift baskets in the world available to buy and ship immediately.

Last year the Babygifts division of the company celebrated its 5th anniversary. In its day it was cutting edge technology. However, it was increasingly just being used to amend existing baskets. Its facade and navigation was obsolete in comparison to the bright young things setting up over the past 2 years. This year we have completely transformed the site into a customer friendly system.

We believe that we have succeeded after years of experience and months of development to create the world's best baby gift basket website. We hope you enjoy playing with it and as for us we're off to start work on the next website.

Basketsgalore IT & Marketing

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