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Origin of Basketsgalore

What's in a Name?

People ask what was the reason for choosing the name BasketsGalore?
Perhaps it is because the issues of branding, trademarking and copyright are becoming relevant to the business at this juncture in the development of the company that we have been thinking about this recently.

Well there were no focus groups or research period, the name was the prototype name given to the business concept and it was simply never changed.

Strangely it was actually our Aunt Elizabeth who first mentioned the name Basketsgalore, which when you think about it is just common sense. The objective in the early days was to offer a Gift Basket as an alternative to flowers and hampers. So theorectically speaking we would have a lot of baskets.

We got a bit lucky with regards to the logo. The designer got it right immediately and we have had a lot of feedback suggesting that it just looks appropriate.

The name has now become synonymous with Gift Baskets in Europe for every occasion. Indeed it has become so successful that it is regarded by Google as a search phrase. Amusingly we notice other companies insert our brand name in their meta tags. We gasp at their boldness as they hide our brand name in the descriptions of their page as they attempt to hijack our traffic.

Other companies are new start ups and they insert the words "basketsgalore" into their company name.

Technically speaking these are all infringements of our brand name. We monitor the situation and watch how they progress. Up to now we have not had to take any legal action, which is a good thing as it is a terrible waste of money. This is because the offending companies have found the business environment too difficult and ceased trading.

We believe we have put our personal values and beliefs into the Basketsgalore brand name over the past 7 years. We aim to offer top quality brand names at reasonable prices. We appreciate quality, but understand that price and quality do not always go hand in hand. We acknowledge the additional quality that can be derived from a personally crafted product, but aren't prepared to overpay for commercially unviable products.

We we taught early on by our marketing professors that building a brand is an expensive and lengthy procedure. We think that Basketsgalore is on that path and has the potential to be the industry leader. We already have, we bought out the American .com version 3 years ago and we are developing the European version later in the year.

Let us know what you think of the Basketsgalore name? We are especially interested in people who arent existing customers!

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