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Basketsgalore Animation

Animation launched June 2009

Hope everybody likes our new animation on the home page of the website. This replaces the rotating banner theme and reinforces our claim to be the trail-blazing imaginative gift basket and hamper company that we like to think we are. We needed something which reflected our future commitment to selling gift baskets and hampers online. The rotating images showcasing products was simply too old fashioned for the UK and Ireland's Gift Basket pioneers, so we commissioned a company from Canada to create a concept.

From a rough sketch to final production, the project took approximately 8 months to complete.

The storyboard is obvious. We really wanted something which typified our company rather than a generic interpretation and we think it accurately captures what Basketsgalore does within a short period of time.

The parts to the animation are
1) Customer Ordering
2) Instant Satellite Communication
3) Assembling the Gift
4) Dispatch
5) Delivery
6) Receipt

Our instructions for the type of customer we wanted to personify was the well dressed, successful business woman or man. We want to know if we were correct!!

Has Basketsgalore ever had a customer who looked similar or who has had clothes like those which were depicted in the animation? Send your photo to Basketsgalore and we will send a complimentary gift basket for all photos we use.

The satellite communication was relatively simple although it clearly didn't work when placed on a white background. We chose to switch to black for a few frames as the earth just doesnt look right when it is seen spinning on a white background.

Deciding what to animate for the basket was more difficult. It was a case of what do we leave out and yet how do we convey the message that this company does the most incredible and most innovative gift baskets in all of Europe. So we hit upon the idea of traditional food associated with gift sending and the animation company was able to fly the helicopter in perfectly. This was the last part of the animation to finalise.

In the Dispatch and Delivery section the van skids to a stop to signify the 24 hour delivery turn around time and the signposts show where the company delivers to. Ireland, UK and European Union.

Finally the basket is received by the recipient in perfect condition demonstrating our committment to good packaging and choice of courier company.

We'd love to know what you think? Is it an accurate reflection of Basketsgalore?


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