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Modified Baskets

Every year we receive requests to modify the range of baskets on sale.
Usually we can accomodate such requests if given sufficient time and we hate to disappoint our customers. However, in December, it is simply not possible for us to make any amendments to hampers until after Christmas.

The reason for this is that there are only 11-12 shipping days left until Christmas Day. Within that time frame we have to dispatch thousands of Gift Baskets and Hampers. Consequently by this time several thousand baskets are packed, bowed, cellophane wrapped and boxed.

The perishable products namely salmon and meats arrive next week and we put these in a seperate package complete with ice packs and pack them with the hampers.

During the year we can offer the create your own service, but unfortunately at Christmas the demand for our service is so high that we work long into the night and throughout the weekends just to keep up with demand.

Every day several hundred hampers are being dispatched and it takes a lot of time to make the final preparations for their journey to our customers' choice of destination.

We remember seeing a hamper from another company and it was a simple wicker basket with very densely packed straw. The products were miniscule. If we'd have received it, we'd have been very disappointed. Our wicker baskets all have a Christmas bow and contain regular sized items. Every jar item is bubble wrapped and the contents of every basket are decided in advance to ensure that there are no empty spaces. This prevents friction and reduces chances of things breaking.

The products are also specially arranged to ensure that heavier items are not placed on top of lighter ones and that everything is level.

Our bamboo hampers are cellophane wrapped with a bow tied around them. It is this attention to presentation, which takes so much time and is so appreciated by our customers and the recipients.

Making an amendment at this stage is not simply a case of swapping or adding, it can take up a lot of time and it also introduces human intervention. The system has to be streamlined and automated as much as possible in order to cope with the volume of orders.

We hope you understand and that you can see something you like from the wide range of hampers on offer. We just wanted to explain why we can't accept modifications at this stage for individual orders and apologise if we haven't created a hamper to suit your wishes.
If that is the case, just email us with your hamper suggestions and we'll consider them for next year.


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