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Christmas Rush 2008

The Christmas Hamper buying season is well and truly upon us with ever more numbers of hampers being assigned new homes. We have over 60 different varieties this year and every type is still in stock as I write this at 5.10pm on Friday 5th of December, 2008.

As anticipated our new range of Sub £40 Baskets are selling very quickly and we expect to be fully sold out of this range by the middle of next week. Christmas Traditional Celebration and GTA Silver are under heavy pressure, but stock levels of these products are extremely high so should still be for sale right up to Christmas.

Other trends this year are a reduction in expenditure by corporate customers. However we have many more customers as word has spread of the quality of Basketsgalore & Irish Gourmet. It really is a case of better to have 100 companies spending £1,000 with you rather than 10 spending £10,000 each

So for your own interest here is a list of the Top 10 Selling Baskets so far.

1) Traditional Celebration £54.99
2) GTA- Silver £79.99
3) Christmas Tea & Biscuits £28.99
4) Traditional Feast £69.99
5) Luxury Cheese & Biscuits £49.99
6) GTA-Bronze £59.99
7) Gourmet Taste Basket £64.99
8) Cheese & Wine £42.95
9) GTA-Gold £109.99
10) Ploughmans Hamper £34.99

Interestingly, the top 5 selling hampers are all non alcoholic. However this could be slewed dramatically by search engines. Many years ago, we created a range of non- alcoholic baskets meaning containing no wine. Our non alcoholic baskets contained such things as brandy butter, and brandy laced Mincepies, which sparked controversy when they were featured in the Sunday Times. So we’ve indicated which ones are completely alcohol free this year.

We can turn your order around within 24 hours at this stage, but the sheer avalanche of orders which comes in next week means that some orders will take 48 hours to process and deliver.

As in the past we’ll work right the way up until Christmas but hamper availability reduces every day from next week, so please order as early as possible.


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