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The Greatest Gift Baskets in the UK

Pamper Gifts For Her

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Finding the perfect gift for the lady in your life can seem very daunting indeed. Not to worry Baskets Galore have a range of Pamper Gift Baskets For Her that are sure to solve your gifting problems! Our Pamper Gifts contain only the finest soaps and beauty products, fresh fruits and snacks to help ...her detox.

Finding the perfect Gift for the lady in your life can be a seemingly impossible task in itself. What do you buy for the woman that has everything? We are yet to find a girl who doesn't love to pamper herself with fine lotions and soak in a bath filled with organic soap bubbles, so order now for fast delivery throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and put a smile on her face!
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Alternative Therapies

Massage Therapy Gift Basket

An ideal gift for a stressed out, overworked guy or gal.When they don't have time to schedule a spa appointment or get to the gym to burn off some steam. Filled with oils, scented candles and massage instruments for various parts of the body all they need is a willing partner!
Select 'For Him' or 'Her' from drop down & we'll include appropriate magazine & smellies etc...



Beauty Licious Gift Basket

A beautilicious bath and body care gift basket filled with a selection of smellies, and fun pamper treats that look good enough to eat. And we've also included some scrummy milk chocolate piglets, honeycomb chocolate hearts, and delicious mallows she actually can eat!


Cozy Cuddles

Cozy Cuddles Gift Basket For Her

Send her a basket of comfort when you can't be there to hug her in person! She can curl up with this cute but practical lavender filled Bunny, with a good read, some lovely handcream, and some scrumptious hot drinking chocolate and edible treats.
Select your choice of a book, or a magazine from the drop down.


Detoxify For Her

Detoxify For Her Gift Basket

Guaranteed to eliminate any hint of stress or strife, this pampering pick-me-up basket contains all sorts of luxuries. From fresh fruit & juice to head and foot massagers and lotions, a gorgeous body care pampering gift set, magazine and a scented candle. The only thing we haven't provided is someone to rub her feet, and feed her grapes!


Flowers & Treats

Flowers & Treats Gift Basket

Why send a bouquet of flowers when you can send so much more? This pretty gift basket is filled with an assortment of indulgent chocolates and sweet treats, some lovely high quality floral scented hand cream, a classic home center decorative candle jar, and a long lasting flowering potted plant (rose or equivalent).


Flowers For Her

Flowers For Mum/Grandma

There isn't a lady in the country who wouldn't be delighted to receive this gorgeous flowering gift basket. Filled with a collection of little indulgences to remind her how special she is; including a decorative mug with a pretty verse, to be enjoyed with her yummy teacake, shortbread and chocolates, floral handcream & a scented candle. All this rounded off with her favourite glossy magazine so that she really gets the message!
Select your choice of Mug and Magazine from the drop down.


Golden Touch

Golden Touch Gift Basket

The ideal gift basket for her to relax and unwind with. Containing a La Poetic luxurious essentials gift set of bath and body products from Scottish Fine Soaps, a lavender filled silk eye mask, and some sweet indulgences to help transport her away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.


Heavenly Pamper Gift

Heavenly Pamper Gift Basket

Transport her to heaven with this decadent gift basket filled with a collection of out of this world bath and body pamper treats, and a compulsory box of scrumptious chocolates that aren't for sharing - well no-one can be that angelic now - can they.........?


Hug You Better

Hug You Better Gift Basket For Her

This very cute gift basket contains a huggable friend, a feel good novel, healthy oolong tea & some naughty sugary treats to cheer her up. The perfect present to say, get well soon.
NB* Select recipient’s age from the drop down & we will include an age appropriate novel.
Available without balloon if preferred.


Lady's Floral Basket

Lady's Floral Basket

Send her flowers, and so much more. Our pretty gift basket is filled with a selection of high quality, floral scented pampering & relaxation treats, a good read, and some indulgent chocolates. All this accompanied by a long lasting, flowering potted plant.


Me Time

Me Time Gift Basket for Her

Know someone who needs some me time? This gorgeous gift basket filled with her favourite magazine, good book, bubble bath & body lotions and potions, waffles & chocolates, drinking chocolate, scented candle and fine china "Me Time" slogan mug will ensure she takes the hint!


Mum/Grandma Time

Mum/Grandma Time Gift Basket

Give your Mum or Grandma the gift of some 'Me Time' by sending her this lovely gift basket filled with her favourite magazine, scrumptious cake, shortbread and chocolates, floral scented luxury hand cream, scented candle and a beautiful engraved mug to remind her how special she is.


No. 1 Girlfriend/Wife

Number One Girlfriend/ Wife Basket

Want to tell the love of your life that she's simply the best? This pretty pamper and sweet treats gift basket arriving on her doorstep will ensure she gets the message. Filled with a selection of high quality smellies, a mug telling her she's the world's greatest girlfriend or wife, some scrumptious chocs and the most huggable bunny in the world. A unique and long lasting gift that's so much better than flowers - in our humble opinion anyway!


No.1 Daughter/ Sister

Number One Daughter/ Sister Basket

When you want to tell her that she's simply the best, this scrumptious gift basket should fit the bill. Filled with a selection of gorgeously sweet chocs and pamper treatments, a gift mug telling her she's the world's greatest daughter or sister, and the most huggable duck in the world. She'll be tickled pink!


Pamper Her

Pamper Her Gift Basket

A fun & frivilous gift basket designed to pamper her from head to toe incorporating heavenly bath & body products, a cuddly friend, chocolates and a pair of reflexology socks - all she needs is a willing foot masseur!


Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Gift Basket

An ideal pamper gift for a lady who needs to relax and unwind. It 's collection of pure and simple organic milk & shea butter body products, essential oil bath teabags, scented candle, chocolates & a good book give her the perfect excuse for some "me time."
Like to include Hello or OK Celebrity magazine for £2.50 extra? Select yes or no from the drop down.


Queen of Pamper

Queen of Pamper

Wow - how do we describe the biggest and best pamper gift basket in the UK succinctly? It's overflowing with high quality pamper products, gifts to entertain, and scrumptious chocolates and treats. The lucky lady who receives this really will feel like royalty.
Select your choice of magazine from the drop down.


Revitaliser Basket for

Revitaliser Basket for Her

The ideal gift for those feeling poorly or under the weather. Filled with revitalising fresh fruit, juice, puzzles, popular ladies magazine, and high quality bath & body products from Scottish Fine Soaps, this get well gift basket is guaranteed to fresh and revitalise.

Select your magazine choice, and body care products from drop down.


Skin Tastic

Skin Tastic

A very sweet gift basket for a younger lady or teenager filled with cute pamper goodies, mallows, sweeties and chocolate buttons!


Spa At Home

Spa At home

This pretty gift basket is filled with all the ingredients for a complete spa at home experience, all that's missing is a hot bath!


Take It Easy

Take It Easy Gift Basket For Her

This fabulous gift basket is filled with all the necessary ingredients to tell someone to take it easy. Containing a recent romantic comedy DVD, her favourite glossy magazine & light hearted novel, best selling lavender body wrap, a duo of gorgeous body care lotions and potions, a gift mug, creamy drinking chocolate and scrumptious chocolates. We think she'll get the message!


The Chill Out Basket

The Chill Out Basket

A fun filled pamper & chocs gift basket guaranteed to brighten any girl's face. She can chill out with Hoagie the big, squeezably soft teddy bear, beautify herself with a selection of fun pamper items, and gorge on yummy chocolates while chill-axing and watching a great movie........gosh, I'm feeling jealous writing this!


Ultimate Indulgence

Ultimate Indulgence

Know someone in need of some TLC and “me time?” This fabulous gift basket will give her the perfect excuse to curl up, get pampered, be entertained and indulge in chocolate heaven!
Select magazine choice from the drop down


World's Greatest
Daughter/ Sister

World's Greatest Daughter/ Sister Basket

Do you have the best Daughter or Sister in the world? Let her know by sending her this fun & scrumptious gift basket containing a selection of gorgeously sweet chocs and pamper treatments, a colourful gift mug telling her she's the world's greatest daughter or sister, and the most huggable duck in the world. She think you're quackers, but will absolutely love it!


World's Greatest
Girlfriend/ Wife

World's Greatest Girlfriend/ Wife Basket

Tell your better half that she is the love of your life by sending her this pretty pamper and sweet treats gift basket. Containing a duo of luxurious body essentials from Scottish Fine Soaps, a mug telling her she's the world's greatest girlfriend or wife, scrumptious chocolate piglets, drinking chocolate & mallows, and the most huggable bunny in the world.