Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 18.01.17

Hello, long time no see/talk/write etc. It had been, what? A month? A month and a half? Two months? Something like that. Usually in January, I am buried underneath a mountain of December paperwork and could only be tempted out by five things – home time, lunch, tea, bathroom breaks (in breaks, I mean sprinting down the corridor at top speed and almost colliding with anybody who steps foot in…

January 18, 2017

Daily Dispatch Thursday 12.01.17

Hello again folks, I am back again today as Kate is très busy with all the VAT work needing to be done, I would describe her desk as almost a winter wonderland, as the white paper work is sprinkled all over! Poor Kate! So I took over her Daily Dispatch blog today however, the Warehouse girls worked extremely fast so I was only able to capture a few snaps. Luckily, it…

January 12, 2017

Basket of the Day 25.10.16

Buzz… Buzz…Buzz… That’s the sound of us busy bees here at Team BG! I am particularly busy today between organising Gift Basket paperwork, completing a list of things to do and preparing for Christmas. (Yes, we are so organised) So Today I have chosen a Basket of the Day, I have chosen the Flowers To Say – Sympathy Basket. The reason for this was because it is the perfect way to…

October 25, 2016

Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 19.10.16

Onto the final daily dispatch blog of the day, fruit and flowers! And boy do I have a gorgeous one to start off with. This is the beautiful Sparkling Fruit Hamper which had joined our range only a few months ago.  I don’t know about you, but seeing this basket just screams romance for me. There is something very romantic about this basket for me. I think it is the…

October 19, 2016

Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 05.10.16

It’s already October and we’re seeing Christmas products in supermarket aisles already over here. Usually, I’d mumble, grumble and complain to the nearest person about how Halloween isn’t even over and we’re already having Christmas things, but really, I cannot do that anymore. Why? Because in Baskets Galore, Christmas sales organising starts way before October! Already, I’m in elbow deep in spreadsheets trying to calculate new baskets, guess-timate sales so…

October 5, 2016

Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit and Flower Gifts 21.09.16

Kicking off the last of my Daily Dispatches is the Fruit and Flower Gift Baskets, I will again be including the exact Gift Card included for these I will start with the Boredom Buster Get Well that our customer in AUSTRALIA is sending to a relative in LONDON : And as this is to wish someone well, we included our own BG Get Well Card: Next up is the Totally Tropically Gift from…

September 21, 2016

Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit and Flower Gifts 15.09.16

I have two of our most popular Fruit Gift Baskets now along with an exciting new addition to our Fruit & Flower Gift Basket Range. Kicking us off is the almighty Birthday Favourites Gift Basket: ‘A birthday gift basket full of favourite treats, including a chocolate fudge cake with birthday candles, swiss chocolates, shortbread & fresh fruit accompaniments. Accompanied by a Happy Birthday balloon and themed gift card to convey your very…

September 15, 2016

Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit and Flower Gifts 14.09.16

Time for some Floral and Fruit Gift Basket and there is a lot of Get Well Soon Baskets going out today! Although I also spotted a lovely Anniversary Basket that tops off Today’s Daily Dispatch I will begin with one Flowers To Say Basket which is a floral gift combined with fresh fruit, and a selection of our consistently top selling savoury and sweet foods! Our customer in KENT is having this delivered to…

September 14, 2016

Baskets Galore IE gets a makeover!

bg ie makeover
September 9, 2016

Hello Folks, I was wondering if any of you noticed the fantastic transformation of our Baskets Galore IE website? 😉   We have all been working long and hard to create a website that provides everything you need to have a wonderfully fun and easy shopping experience. One major addition is our ‘Gifts by Person‘ option that was a long time in the making and greatly desired by both our…


Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 07.09.16

Moving on to the Fruit and Flower Gift Basket section of my Daily Dispatch, I have a bright and beautiful selection for you. These Baskets are stronger than ever, even though we are now into Autumn, our Fruit and Flower Gifts pack a punch! To prove this to you, I will begin with our Birthday Fruit Gift Basket that our customer in PARSIPPANY, NJ is sending to someone special in CROYDON. See below the lovely…

September 7, 2016

Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 25.08.16

What did you guys do last weekend when it was sunny? What are you guys doing this weekend if it is sunny? Actually, is it going to be sunny? It’s the last weekend in August so I sincerely hope it would be sunny, especially because it’s another cousin’s little kid’s birthday on Sunday and we’re (fingers-cross) hoping for a barbecue outside. Anyways, like always, whenever it’s really sunny (like today),…

August 25, 2016

Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 17.08.16

Bringing a little brightness to your Wednesday Afternoon is the Fruit & Flower Baskets Section! I want to start with an immensely photogenic Fruit Gift Basket: The Get Well Fruit Basket for Her. Our customer in AYLESBURY is sending positive vibes and wishes for a speedy recovery to their work colleague in BICESTER: Next up we have a Fruit Gift Basket from our new collection: The Classic Fruit Hamper which includes the quintessential components of a mini cheese…

August 17, 2016